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Owen Investigations

Owen Investigations is a private investigation and consulting firm specializing in criminal defense for businesses and individuals. Whether you’re facing a federal, state, or local criminal prosecution – we review the evidence and discovery to identify strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities that can affect your case.

Retired FBI Special Agent John Sommercamp created this firm to offer affordable investigations and consulting services to private individuals and companies. We aim to provide the same level of quality, dedication, expertise, and professionalism to our clients as the Federal Bureau of Investigation provides to the United States.

License Number: 27438

John Sommercamp
Retired FBI Special Agent John Sommercamp


  • FBI Director’s Award winner for nation’s most successful investigation into mortgage fraud following the collapse of the industry.
  • Successfully indicted dozens of health care fraud individuals who were involved in defrauding the State of California Medi-Cal Program.
  • Infiltrated several nationwide outlaw motorcycle gangs, resulting in a multitude of convictions and the disruption of their illegal drug and weapons activities.
  • Recovered over $14 million in assets purchased with stolen funds from an NBA franchise and obtained the confession and cooperation of the insider who devised the scheme to abscond with the funds. Read Full Story